Today, BPO is not an option; it has become a necessity in today's competitive marketplace. Twenty-four seven business environment needs innovative ideas and services, and has become key to customer retention and acquisition. Why Outsource? Outsourcing can allow you to focus on your organisation's core skills whilst using professional support to manage parts that are not. There are many drivers for considering outsourcing. These include: o Reduce & control operating costs while improving company focus and gaining access to world class capabilities

o Improved service - many outsourcers can supply a complete package of services and given it is their core business, have significant experience or expertise beyond your current capabilities.

o To provide increased flexibility - allowing you to scale up or down capacity only when you need it, also freeing valuable internal resources for other critical tasks.

o Realising that your current operation is seriously broken and you need professionals to execute it in a more effective manner.
As a HCC, depending on the nature of the services to be rendered, legato services ltd provides extensive product training to its carefully selected and nurtured agents, so as to make them knowledgeable of the relevant products and services. An expert group of customer-care unit is engaged, under supervision of a professional management team, in regular research for bridging the gaps if any, and for determining the best possible services for the satisfaction of the customers. Working from a positive, cordial and yet professional atmosphere and with the assistance of a very reliable, flexible, cost effective and modern telephone system, legato agents endeavor to deliver the most dependable and best quality services to the customers.
  • legato's BPO Service Offering We are capable of offering Business Process Outsourcing services to local orgnaisations in the fields of Banking, Insurance, Telecom, ISP, content Development, E-Commerce, FMCG, Logistics, Retail/local chain etc. Our goal is to continually provide our clients with cost-effective, flexible, scalable solutions and thereby enabling them to a competitive edge by leveraging the power of outsourcing. At legato we have one simple & clear goal - to ensure customer delight at the end of each interaction. We believe in optimizing each customer contact to deliver business value to both the end-customer and the client.
  • legato offer At legato, we are the forefront of the call centre revolution in Bangladesh. We are the pioneers to have introduced the carrier class, fully IP based Hosted model (Landlord - Tenant concept) here in Bangladesh.